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History of Oshodi Arts Gallery


Every gallery has a vision, our core values are bent on raising the creative industry stake and deepening the untapped resources that are embedded within the country and beyond through producing-aising arts, culture and tourism contents.

Our mission was very clear from the inception, which among others are to engage our artistic career for creativity, aesthetics, values and projecting our cultural heritage, to discover talents, develop and deploy them strategically and systematically, to promote professionalism through provision of platforms.

Today, the gallery houses some 5,500 works. Aside from displaying a grandiose collections, Oshodi Art Gallery is dedicated to creating awareness and promoting Nigerian arts and cultural heritage, also the life styles and traditional values through workshops, art shows, exhibitions, training and other activities. Located in Ikorodu area of Lagos, ours is one of the leading galleries in Nigeria.

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Thousands of Art Works



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